Common leopard and snow leopard co-existence in Sanjiangyuan,Qinghai, China

全部作者 Suonancuo Mei, Justine Shanti Alexander, Xiang Zhao, Chen Cheng, Zhi Lu
关键字Snow leopard, Sanjiangyuan, common leopard
引用方式 Mei, S., Alexander, J.S., Zhao, X., Cheng, C., and Lu, Z. (2018). Common leopard and snow leopard co-existence in Sanjiangyuan,Qinghai, China. CATnews, 67, 18-20.

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The snow leopard Panthera uncia, classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, is distributed across the mountainous areas of 12 countries in South and Central Asia. The common leopard Panthera pardus, also classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, has the widest geographic distribution among all wild cats and inhabits many countries of Africa and Asia. The common leopard is much bigger than the snow leopard. Sightings of both species in the same location have recently been reported from the Autonomous Region of Tibet and Sichuan, China. We conducted a camera trap survey to verify the presence of these large carnivores using camera traps in Niandu and Yunta villages of Qinghai province, China. In both areas camera trap stations captured both species, identifying seven adult snow leopard and four adult common leopard individuals. Our study provides the first photographic evidence of common leopard presence in Qinghai province and confirms the co-existence of snow leopards and common le- opards in the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve. A more detailed study will be conducted to investigate the distribution and interaction of the two species along Tongtianhe and Zhaqu rivers, Qinghai province, in order to enhance efforts for their long-term conservation.

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